Crow River Financial is also available to act as an owner’s representative regarding the acquisition of the business and will assist your Tribe with the short and long-term strategic planning of the business.
Economic diversification away from a primary revenue source such as gaming/oil/mining… is important for the long-term viability of your Tribe.  Doing so in a hasty manner and investing in the “latest and greatest” industry may not necessarily be the most prudent avenue.
The principals of Crow River Financial have negotiated and executed dozens of transactions as business owners working with Tribes and on behalf of Tribes acquiring or investing in non-Tribal businesses or assets.
Sometimes the best investment or acquisition is the one you don’t make.  Our job, in working with your Tribe, is to act as the Council or Business Committee’s eyes and ears ensuring that representations made by the prospective business owner/seller are accurate and that long term viability of their respective market share is realistic.

Tribal Diversification