If you feel there’s a Tribal need for your goods or services we can help provide optimum positioning for you and your company to sell its wares. Looking to retire and sell your business?  Many Tribes across the US have internal mandates to diversify their holdings in a wide array of industries. We have been on both sides of the table with Tribes across the country and can represent you or your company during this process ensuring that the transaction will be closed and funded as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 
The number of non-Tribal businesses selling their goods and services to Tribal casinos, Tribal enterprises, and Tribal governments has grown exponentially over the past 20 years. If you’re not selling your products or services to an American Indian Tribe, you are passing up a $74 billion economy. Hundreds of non-Tribal businesses and franchises in the United States have a store/shop/restaurant operating on an Indian reservation today. Goods from lobster to laptops, and services from haircuts to personal trainers are being utilized and paid for on Indian reservations today. Off the reservation Tribes are buying up hotels, golf courses, defense contractors, cyber security firms….there is virtually no limit to the type of legal businesses that Tribes will transact with or purchase.

We Are Your Connection to the Tribal Economy  

We have hundreds of established Linked-In connections with Tribal decision makers across the country.  We have access to law firms and finance firms that represent Tribes.  We are familiar with and have attended Tribal economic trade shows attended by thousands of Tribal government decision-makers across the country.  We can facilitate and even attend the shows with you to help you promote your business to the Tribal business community. We will attend Tribal Council and Business Committee meetings with you and your company representatives at the Tribal headquarters or at neutral sites. Crow River Financial will assist you with structuring the deal, contract drafting and review, and closing. We can also monitor your ongoing relationship with your Tribal partner and assist with issues or new opportunities.

Tribal Economy - Open for Business